Amazing What You Can Crochet These Days...

This is not your grandmother's doily catalog.  Sharing the wonders of modern crochet and what you can make with it.

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Fan Girling

I have fan obsessions.  Seriously.  Because what's the point unless you can go "SQUEEEEE!"

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American English is Weird

It's bizarre.  I'm not exaggerating.  I'm a native speaker and I can barely keep up.

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Retired Life

I live in a community of senior citizens.  It's quite a lifestyle change, but I'm enjoying it.

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Why Did I Set Up a Site?

I'm not selling anything.  I'm not looking for ways to make money.  This is not an affiliate site -- not even a little.

I don't think I'm more interesting than anyone else on this planet, but I find that I have things I want to say and I want a place to say them.  If you don't find them worth the time, that's ok.  However, my hope is that someone, sometime, may find a bit of light here that makes their world a little brighter, even if it's just a smile that flits across the face.


Next Steps...

Pick something you think you might like to know more about.  You never know what gem you might uncover.  Happy exploring.